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5 Steps To Help With Your Debt

We are living through tough economic times and the simple fact is that more people are struggling to pay their debts. Here are 5 pieces of basic advice.

5 Steps To Help With Your Debt


During these tough economic times, we have all become accustomed to hearing the latest depressing stats regarding the numbers of people who have fallen into financial difficulty because they have been unable to keep up with loan or mortgage repayments.


For people who are starting to regularly miss their loan or mortgage repayments every month there are alternatives to bankruptcy such as an IVA (individual voluntary arrangement), which is a formal agreement with creditors to pay off a percentage of your debts over a fixed period, or a debt management plan which allows you to repay your debts at a rate you can afford. In addition, for those people who are in really serious financial difficulty, there is the last resort option of declaring bankruptcy which will seriously damage their credit rating for years to come.


Most people would prefer not to have to take one of the measures mentioned above, however, and there are things you can do to make sure you never get to that stage. The following tips are five basic measures for anyone who does not want their debt problems to get worse.5 Steps To Help With Your Debt


Don’t increase your debt further


Your debt problem will never be eased if you keep borrowing more money to pay off existing debts. The very first thing you must do to ease your debt problem is to stop borrowing immediately. Using your credit card must be avoided at all costs and taking out another loan to pay off an existing one is a mistake which many people make.


Work out how much you owe


Dig out all of your latest pieces of paperwork for the companies you owe money to and make a full list of what you owe and to which companies. Start with the companies you owe the most money to. List how much the minimum payment required is, along with interest rates and the outstanding balance. The total amount you owe may shock you but will also spur you into doing something about it.


Cut your costs


Take a look at everything you spend money on and work out where you can save money. A good place to start is with your utility providers. See which companies are currently offering the cheapest rates. Switching utility companies is much easier than it used to be. Mobile phone tariffs can usually be changed straight away too. You can also do away with unnecessary luxuries. Do you really need that subscription to cable sports channels? Do you really have to eat out every weekend?


Tackle one debt at a time

Now you have reduced your monthly expenditure you can use this extra money to tackle the debt with the smallest outstanding balance. Once this debt is paid you can use the money freed up from that to pay the next smallest debt and so on. This is the best way to tackle your debts. It is important that you are not tempted to spend any of the money that has been freed up on anything other than the next debt until all the debts are paid off. This will save you interest in the long run. Don’t be afraid to seek help

If there are companies who are threatening to take action against you or you are struggling to meet your payments every month then don’t be too proud to seek help. There are many organizations out there who offer free advice and in most cases, these organizations will be able to help you.

How to Plan Your Kid’s Birthday Party with A Private Chef?

Kids look forward to their birthdays, as much as they look forward to Christmas. It is one day when they get all the attention, dress up the way they want and of course get lots and lots of presents. But as a parent, you know the amount of planning that needs to go into it. The number of people to invite, the decorations, seating, entertainment for the little ones and the most important food. Planning itself takes a lot of time, imagine it being a one-person show.

One person or just the parents entertaining, decorating and cooking for a large crowd and not to forget the cleanup that comes after can be difficult. With time being short for most, it is easier to outsource it to professionals. A third party can provide entertainment and so can the décor.

Stressed on your Kids Birthday PartyHowever, if you want to put things in a budget, the venue can be your house, and you can take care of the decor and party favors. These can be taken care over time. But the food needs to be fresh and must be done closest to the day of the event, so it is easier to get a catering service or a private chef.

Tips for Your Child’s Birthday Party

●     Plan Ahead

Getting any event done at the last minute does not bode well for it. Same goes for a birthday party. Plan ahead and think about things that are important like the number of people to be invited, the number of kids who will be present, the seating arrangements, entertainment options, favors, and cake.

●     Entertainment

The party will have plenty of little guests who do not like sitting in one place. Plan to run off their energy or hold their attention for long periods, if you want the party to go without a glitch. Kids entertainment comes in handy at this time.

Hiring a clown or a princess for entertaining the kids may be a good idea, but if it isn’t within your budget, think of games. Four to five games will keep the children occupied and excited to win goodies. Scavenger hunts, musical chairs or hitting the piñata are popular games to engage children.

●     Venue

Sometimes people have parties at home, but the downside is there is a lot of cleanups left after the event. The upside is the lesser expenditure. Depending on your budget, you can choose the venue for the party. If you prefer your home, be sure to have a little space for kids to run around.

Adults may like being in one place, but kids abhor it. So, give them a place to be free and avoid chaos within your house. Parks are a great place to host a birthday party as it gives children enough space to move around.

●     Time and Duration

It is important to select the correct time in the day when the children will be most able to enjoy a party. Keeping it too late at night makes them sleepy and angry, so be mindful of the time. Also, to consider is the duration. Tiny children will not need more than an hour of fun. But the duration increases with age. Children aged 9 and above may want a party that lasts at least 3 hours.

●     Food

Keep finger food out for the kids to grab when they want. Have small bites and easy to eat snacks around. For children, food needs to be dressed up to look yummy to them. It may not be healthy but must look appealing. Try ideas to sneak in healthy snacks to the little ones.

●     Cake

The cake is the biggest highlight of a birthday party. The birthday boy or girl will look forward to it, and it’s the moment when all eyes are on them. You can either bake a cake yourself, a simple one with colorful frosting if your child is an infant. However, they might want cakes in shapes of their favorite cartoons or superheroes if they are older.

Let the chef do all the cookingBirthday Party and a Private Chef

You are a health-conscious parent, and you want healthy meals for your child too. A birthday party is great, but an excess of sugar may not be the best. You want to throw a party and serve yummy meals or snacks that children love. But at the same time, you want it to be healthy. Parents often do not have the time to cook healthy meals for the home. This is even a bigger problem if, as a parent, you have to cook for a party.

If there are children, you will need to make something that is accepted by children, yummy and nutritious. At such a time your options are a catering service or private chef. Catering service will drop food at your venue, and it is done. But there are certain advantages to having a private chef.

  1. A private chef will ensure that the food served is well liked by the young guests. Many have experience of cooking for picky little eaters and plan the menu accordingly.
  2. Some service providers have birthday packages that come with e-invites, unlimited drinks, recipe cards, DIY meal kit for everyone and cute little aprons.
  3. Some children may love making their snacks. The private chef/instructors will not only cater the food but also bring ingredients for a DIY. Activities can range from cake decoration to serious stuff like topping pizzas.
  4. The private chef can also do a demonstration style meal to entertain your little guests.
  5. Most important is to get the food right. A private chef can ensure that food is nutritious and tasty.

How to Hire a Private Chef?

  • The first thing to do is to look for chefs in your area. If you search online, you can easily find a few who take orders for birthday parties. Not all chefs work birthday parties, so find one that does. In areas like New York, you will find a larger pool of private chefs, as the demand is higher. New York is a business hub, and residents may not find the time to do everything for their child’s party or make healthy meals. Some service providers do offer to cater to a birthday party and children will love the meals created by your Personal Chef NYC.
  • The second thing to decide is the cuisine. Look for chefs that specialize in the cuisine of your choosing. Children love fast food and finger foods to say, but you can always entice them with other dishes. Not to forget the adults that are invited to the party.
  • Talk to the private chef on the terms of service as well prices. Cover what will be included in the package and what not, so you can be prepared.

Birthday parties are memorable events for children, and it can be delightful for the guests too. It isn’t too difficult to please children, and just some careful planning will do the trick.