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Living in a city like New York provides a lot of conveniences. There are lots of job opportunities, lots of activities to choose from, and lots of sights to see. If you want a snow park, a wave pool, rows of shopping, and areas to hang out in the evening, you can have all these in the city.

Cramped living conditions in an NYC apartment magnifies city stressNYC may provide convenience; but it also comes with it a range of downfalls like traffic, pollution, a high cost of living, and a high level of stress. Some people come to the city because of work, but many do not enjoy living here. That is why many always say that they would want to retire somewhere outside the city. It is rare to hear a person say that he/she would want to retire in the city. Most probably because of the fast pace of life here.

Despite the job opportunities, not many people cannot get by with city life because of the level of stress that you must be ready to fight against. Others would rather stay in quiet states where, despite the lower salaries, have lower costs of living and are not too stressful as it is living in a city. There are ways to relieve the NYC stress though, like visiting the world-renowned acupuncture treatment clinic to deflate weariness and relax your body.

If you cannot leave the city just yet because of work, you can still do with what’s available to you. You can still live happy and healthy in the city, even amidst the buildings, traffic lights, and people traffic.

Here are some tips to help you live a healthy and peaceful life in the city:

1. Grow your herbs and vegetables

You may not have a lot of space living in the city, but you will still have space for potted herbs and vegetables that you can grow in your apartment unit. Having greens in your home can make a big difference to your well-being, and so try your hand with gardening even with the limited space available. You can try growing basil, lemongrass, and rosemary as these do not need lots of space to grow. You can leave them on your balcony, which will also provide a refreshing view of the city.

What’s great is you can also use these herbs and vegetables for cooking once they grow. It can be such a proud moment to say that you are using herbs that you’ve grown yourself. Plus, people will wonder how this can be done, given that you are living in the city.

Urban gardening in rooftops to relieve stress2. Keep active

There is nothing more stressful than seeing a fast-paced world right before your eyes. However, if you commit yourself to exercise, you learn to live in the moment. Therefore, you can focus on your breathing, on what you feel, and on the road ahead. You can shut off external stimuli that have been causing a lot of stress on you.

If you keep active, you also get to release endorphins that can help you feel good about yourself and the world around you. These feel-good hormones can also be long-sustaining if you get them from exercise, so manage your time well so you can get the benefits of endorphins. You can allow for at least one hour in the morning or at night for exercise, depending on which schedule fits your lifestyle.

Living happy and healthy in the city is doable. You can make the most of what you have by focusing on the positives, and on what you can do to improve your life.